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EPF Employer Login Registration Portal Payment Process Unified UAN

EPF Employer Login: Employers can pay the pf payment at State Bank of India pf online payment gateway and other banks like AXIS, IDBI, ICICI, HDFC,  too, and also Employers can pay ECR Echallan and payment at SBI and other banks with EPFO ECR Portal. to make payment employer should  have to fill all required details to generate TRRN and challan. with TRRN number employees can track pf contribution to their pf account monthly this facility available from 2017 on unified uan portal with a new launch of the unified uan portal.

How to make EPFO Payment at UAN Portal: EPF Employer Login

EPFO Online Portal Through the E-Seva Portal.We Are Providing Important steps to make EPFO Online Payment make u Possible.Today discussing the Complete Manner of the EPFO Online Payment in an Extended manner so this the post very useful for the visitor who are willing to know that how to make pf payment through unified uan portal  .The employer holding the corporate account in any account in the listed banks makes payment in online so this is the better way to make the payment can start by EPFO.

The employer holding the corporate bank account in any listed bank like State Bank of India, Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda etc. So we can available for the EPF online payment Facility.Employer can make online payment by latest launch of unified portal by the 15th of the very month as the post that no ant further extension will be granted.so make the online payment is a simple way now so lets get started.

EPF Online Payment by the Employer Portal: EPF Employer Login

ECR Excel sheet demo

  1. Column A: UAN Number
  2. B: Member name
  3. C: Gross wages
  4. D:EPF Wages (monthly epf contribution limited 15,000)
  5. E: EPS wage
  6. F: EDLI Wages
  7. G: EPF Contri remitted 12%/EPF Wages
  8. H: EPS Contri remitted 8.3%/EPS wage
  9. I: EPF & EPS diff remitted Columns G-H
  10. J: NCP days to without decimal 1/2 days round up to 1

Save as CSV. and open it as the text file to remove (,) with #~#

PF Admin charge 0.85% or 500 which is greater.

EDLI (employee deposit linked insurance scheme) admin charges 0.85% or 200 which is greater

What is the meaning of ECR in PF?

Electronic Challan cum Return filing system. employers can register with user id and password to make payment to epfo every month.

for claims, there is another portal available called OTCP member claims.epfoservices.in


1. Login into Unified web portal of EPFO (use your ECR portal credentials)
2. After log-in, please check your PF Code, Estt Name, Address and Exemption status are correctly
3. Select “PAYMENT” Menu item for “ECR Upload”
4. Select “Wage Month”, “Salary Disbursal Date” in the “ECR Upload” Screen.
5. ECR File format can be seen from “ECR Help File” button available on the Screen.
6. Your ECR text file will look like the one below:
7. Select your ECR text file to be uploaded for the selected Wage month.
8. Also, select Rate of Contribution (either 12% or 10%, Default value is 12%). Then click on
“UPLOAD” button.
9. Uploaded ECR file will be validated for predefined conditions. If successfully validated, the
following screen will appear with a message “File Validation Successful”. Otherwise, Error will
10. Now, TRRN will be generated for the uploaded ECR file.
Click on “Verify”
11. Now, click on “Prepare Challan” button to generate ECR summary sheet.
12. Here, please enter Admin/Inspection Charges for A/c No.2 & 22. Also, you can EDIT EDLI
Contribution for A/c No.21. Then, click on “Generate Challan” Button.
13. Now, the following screen will appear. At this stage also, you can EDIT the challan, if required.
Click on “Finalize” button after verifying the challan amount. You can download Ack file and
Receipt file from the “In-Process Challan List”.
14. Your finalized ECR Statement and Challan will look like this.
15. Now, your challan is ready for Payment. Click on “Pay” button.
16. Please select “Online” and select your Bank from the list of banks under “Select Bank”, then
Click on “Continue”. Then, you will get Payment Gateway for further process.

Steps for the UAN Employer Portal Registration:EPF Employer Login

To log in to an employer Universal Account Number portal, you have to register at this portal. Whether you are the new employer, here are the steps to register and the EPF Employer login for the first-time register of your company at the Employee provident fund organization website.

The Details you must provide:


In the Home page of Unified Portal an important link “Application for Employer Registration” is available. Open the same for Employer Registration.

Instruction manual is available in the First page of Employer Registration, New user must Read it completely before registration. Already registered Employers can directly login with their credentials. This document explains the process of Employer registration. This should be followed by registration of DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of the Employer which is a pre-requisite to submit a fresh OLRE application.

On selecting the Register Button, the following Screen will open. Enter the Details as required in the Form. The Items with Red Star are mandatory.

  1. First Name: Enter the First name (mandatory), Middle Name and Last Name. The name should be entered exactly as furnished to Income Tax Department. Even a slight variance with an extra space etc. will result in rejection as the data is verified online. The name as per Income Tax department may be verified in the following link.


  1. The Employer PAN: On entering the PAN of the Employer, a message stating Employer PAN Available will appear, which indicate the Employer is not already registered in this portal. PAN will be verified later with the name and online application will be permitted only on successful verification.
  2. Username: You can select username of your choice. On entering the same the system will show a message that username is available or not. You may show the mouse pointer on the thumbnail (Question Mark Sign) next to the text box, to show the format / validations.
  3. Select the Question Hint of your choice and enter your hint answer. This will help you later, at the time of forget password situations. With this the filling of Employer registration form is complete. Enter the Characters shown in the image (CAPTCHA) and Click the GET PIN button.
  4. You will get a pin on your mobile same will be enter and click for “I agree to the above declaration”.
  5. An e-mail link will also be sent simultaneously to the given email-id, which is to be activated to enable submission of Application for Online Registration of Establishment.

EPFO UAN employer Portal: EPF Employer Login

How to make the EPFO Online Payment given some basic steps.But before that, you must ensure the Netbanking facility of your corporate account. You can use the net banking we can transfer the online payment from your corporate account to EPFO’s Account and also you can use the SMS alert facility and also freed the employer from submitting returns through the form likes Form 5/10 12A,3A or 6A.

Now EPF Online payment has been made mandatory by EPFO India for all the Employer via TRRN Challan. The employer, first we have to open our EPFO Official Website for the purpose of challan generation and after that, with the help of the challan, you have to make the online payment through Net banking facility of concerned bank.

How to Pay EPF Online: EPF Employer Login

You can Pay The EPF Online Payment two different websites first we have to check EPFO Official website list of banks through which payment can be made and generation of challan.then navigate to your bank’s website your corporate account is being maintained. So Follow the given procedure to make your payment easily.

EPF Employer login Portal

1.first we have to check the list of the banks and ensure that your bank is listed or Not. If ‘YES’ moves Forward.

2.Next, we have to go to The Official website EPFO http://epfindia.com and go to the page of employer E-Seva.

3.At this page, you have to register yourself or your firm login otherwise follows the registration process and create your user ID and password. After creation of the same login to the official page using that generation ID and password.

4.You Should login to the official website upload all your details for the purpose of generating ECR(Electronic Challan Cum Return).

5.Next, You have to do click on “Online ECR/Challan Submission” and generate the TRRN(Temporary Return Reference Number).

6.Before Generating The Challan upload the monthly contribution in the prescribed format as for the website.Only Your Challan will Be Generated.

7.Next, we have to upload the contribution details Approve same after verifying it.

8.Verifying the Details Of Contribution as soon as your approval is done and your challan and acknowledgment copy will be generated.You can Download the “Download Challan” Button.

9.The TRRN is being displayed at the right top corner of the challan.

10.Next, we have to download the challan and Its TRRN is valid for 15 days from the date of generation.

State Bank of India EPF Online Payment: EPF Employer Login

You can Make The Payment online for EPF Through State Bank Of India.The Payment can be Done by State Bak Of India Online site. Make The EPF Online payment Only corporate or saral Users can use SBI online portal.Given below Steps in order to make the EPF payments online through SBI.

1.First, if you have to make SBI EPF online payment then you have to visit SBI Website.

2.Next, you have To login the corporate Banking section only by corporate or saral users.

3.Then the users should choose the “Payment/transfer” option present on the site and then choose the ‘Pay EPF’ option

4.Next, we have to enter valid TRRN, verify house the debit account and click on the ‘submit’option verifying the details thoroughly.

5.If the Individual is a corporate user then they have to wait for the authorizer to authorize the debit account.This Is not Applicable for the saral users as there is only one user in case of a saral account.

6.Once the Corporate Or saral Account is Authorizer the Individual can view or print the challan according to their convenience.

7.So the challan can be found in the ‘Reports’ option in the account.